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Tech4Home was established to a provide an installation
and integration service for Audio, Intelligent Lighting, Home
Cinema, Security and Entertainment systems. Our goal is
to design a system that will satisfy the requirements which
you are trying to achieve and to provide a solution which
will both fit your requirements and your budget. Home
Automation is all about making your life easier and so its
up to you how far you want to go with it.
A woman in upper
Chanteclair needed more
than 50 stitches to her face
after an intruder tried to
break into her home on
Monday morning around

Tip of the day
Alarm systems are one of the best forms of home protection.  Home alarm systems
immediately inform emergency authorities and warn homeowners of any potential dangers.
Seeing that a home has an alarm system often prevents an intruder from even attempting a
burglary. Hearing an alarm go off usually sends a burglar running.
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